Friday, January 15, 2010

Ummm....I don't know what to call this

So, I started a new J-O-B this week, who new it would be so stinkin hard to go back to work after nearly 1 year off, and oh what a year it was. Anyway, As I have been driving, A little longer commute then I am used to and frankly comfortable with, I have been able to listen to the radio, a little more often. Now, mind you I am a news junkie but when I leave for work not much news is on the radio I have been listening to lots of different types of things. But I usually end up on a country station because I seem to be drawn to its, well honestly I don't know what it is, now there are some really great songs out there I am talking in every Genre, well except RAP of course but really what is RAP...I digress
SO today as I got in the car took out the Laurie Berkner band and put on some music that I could listen to and not feel to crazy i turned the station to a country station, and went on my way, well, I was sitting there and listening to the music and thinking about it, i realized that the words sound all cute and even made me want to feel "special" like maybe someone out there was thinking these things about me, but as I continued listening I realized these are men and women singing about things they could have done to save some sort of a relationship, who knows how far in the past, I thought, okay so everything I am hearing for the 25 or so minutes I listen to it is about people coveting other people's possessions, I really thought about it today, and realized how much of my life do I spend coveting others, (way to much I must admit) I have so much to say about this but it is so stinkin late(or early) I don't have it in me to go into it right now. but don't worry I will yet again sit down at this very desk and spill my music thoughts to one and all. but for now I must go get some sleep. tomorrow I will try to post some insight on these things, oh, and maybe I will try to figure this whole blog thing out so it is more enjoyable for all. but for now I bid you all good night!!!

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